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Benefits Of Becoming A VR Garage Partner

Great monetary benefits on every subscription


Be part of a life-long earning process with the VR Garage app. Generate revenue every time your client subscribes to VR Garage. What’s more? You always get access to additional benefits on renewal and other special rewards for becoming the top zone partner. 

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Forget about payment settlements in weeks or months. We believe in settling payments in real time. Every time your client purchases a subscription to VR Garage, you get payments in no time. Our transparent process is open to explain everything to you. 

Helping you in every step of the way


We’re here for our customers 24/7! Get a personal manager to assist you every step of the way. Whether it’s marketing, getting the right clients, or your payout questions.

No hidden charges to become a VR partner


The VR Garage software is completely free to join, with no necessity for infrastructure or added capital. All you need to sell to is a solid business network.

Why partner with us?

VR Garage is among the fastest-growing, affordable, and intuitive garage management software. We’ve partnered with thousands of partners across India, disbursing lakhs in commissions to our VR partners.
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VR Garage Features At A Glance

Book Appointment

Easily schedule your customer appointments across one centralized platform that collects all the customer data.

Automated Reminder

Improve customer relationships by sending timely updates to your customers about upcoming repair jobs, exclusive offers, and service alerts.

Business Reports

Access insightful business reports that clearly understand your garage’s performance and trends

Inventory Management

Stay updated about all your inventory in one place. Say goodbye to sudden news on spare part status and restocking timeline. Tap into ultimate efficiency.


Don’t wait for the final inspection to estimate the operations costs. Make accurate, real-time estimates with our accurate estimates feature to improve customer satisfaction and transparency.

Reward & Loyalty

Earn reward coins every time you utilize features within our VR garage management software. Use these coins to reduce the cost of your upcoming subscriptions and unlock new features.

Staff Management

Simplify staff administration by assigning duties and tracking garage worker performance in one location. Get real-time updates on the job progress on our intuitive dashboard.

Bills & Invoices

Say goodbye to the manual billing process with our garage management software. Generate bills and invoices while keeping track of accounts in real time.

Be a part of the hype! Be a part of the VR Garage software.

Say goodbye to the old way of managing your operations. Welcome the new intelligent, effective way of garage management with our VR Garage software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Garage management software is a specialized digital solution designed to streamline and optimize the operations of auto repair shops and garages. VR Garage is an automotive software which empowers businesses to deliver better service, improve customer satisfaction, and run their operations more smoothly in the modern digital landscape.

Absolutely. In both cases, the goal remains the same: to enhance garage’s operations, improve customer satisfaction, and drive growth. Whether you’re a small independent mechanic shop or a larger multi brand workshop, VR Garage provides tailored solutions to meet specific business needs and help you excel in automotive industry.

Absolutely, VR Garage software can give your garage a powerful competitive edge. By modernizing your customer experience and garage operations your business can set apart. This digital approach, combined with improved customer satisfaction and the potential for growth, makes your garage a standout choice in the automotive competitive market.

The software is designed to significantly enhance customer retention for your garage. efficiently managing appointments, accurate billing, vehicle inspection and personalized communication contributes to overall customer satisfaction As a result, your garage becomes a preferred choice, encouraging clients to return for future services.

We understand that managing a garage involves a range of tasks, so we’ve crafted an interface that simplifies the process. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll find the software easy to grasp, allowing you to efficiently manage your garage operations and provide top-notch service to your customers without any unnecessary complications.